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It may seem like you need superpowers to make your marketing heard above the noise today. Video is here to save the day! Consider the following:  According to comScore, 64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a retail product after watching a video. In the B2B world, 75% of executives -Read More

The basic principles of English grammar that students learn today are very similar to the ones you and I learned in school. For instance, nouns are the words we use for a person, place, thing or idea.  Conversely, the rules of business security are changing daily. Every business faces threats we -Read More

Back in the day, we might have said marketing fell squarely into the realm of art, not science. Marketing deals with communication and emotion, perhaps some psychology. When business began to use the Internet, many organizations relied on IT departments to lead the way...I guess because the Internet -Read More