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Move over drones, hoverboards, and smartphones: Virtual reality (VR) headsets are expected to be a mainstream consumer purchase in 2016. VR isn’t just for kids and games, and you’ll be able to join in on the benefits. EO Nashville recently hosted an open invitation event that featured Jeremy -Read More

My father’s wife passed away last month, and after assessing options, my family and I decided it made the most sense for him to move in with us. We converted two underutilized rooms into a den and bedroom to give my dad his own space. But we also needed to work out the safety details of his care. -Read More

How much of your information is in the cloud? Just a few years ago, this idea was still foggy, but what was a novelty is now a must-have. Many of us operate our digital business lives largely in the cloud today.  Most people know “the cloud” refers to servers we connect to via the Internet -Read More