To ensure business continuity in the face of a disaster, you must have current copies of your operational data and software (BACKUPS), readily available redundant computing and storage resources (FAIL-OVER), and a response plan that is tested and proven (DISASTER RECOVERY). Backups and fail-over resources are best located off-site (and often in the cloud), so that even fire or flood can’t keep you offline for long.



Even a temporary loss of access to your IT infrastructure can disrupt business. Such threats can come from anywhere, at any time: a malware or ransomware attack, a downed power-line, or a natural disaster such as flood or fire. Although laptops, smartphones, and server hardware can be replaced following a catastrophe (given time and money), your proprietary customer and product data may in fact be irreplaceable. In the extreme, a single adverse event can precipitate organizational failure. A well-designed backup and disaster recovery solution protects you against data loss and ensures a swift return to operational status.



Bytes of Knowledge plans, manages and responds to your IT needs for business continuity when unexpected events threaten data or IT operations. Planning begins with an assessment of your current IT infrastructure, your information assets, and your operational requirements. We then develop a cost-effective plan to manage redundant resources and automatic (scheduled) data backups. With this baseline in place, we work with you to define and validate an effective disaster response plan. When trouble strikes, we’re respond as your partner to execute the recovery plan.

We charge an initial planning fee and a monthly subscription fee for our services, based on the complexity of your environment. We’re happy to provide an initial review of your requirements at no cost and with no obligation.


Each of our service offerings complement and enhance the others. Backup and Disaster Recovery services are usually based on Cloud Solutions, for example. Adding Managed Services to a Backup & D/R solution can mean that it’s less likely you’ll need to rely on those backups by proactively maintaining systems before they fail.

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