Cloud solutions are IT systems built with computing, storage, email, and other services owned, operated and maintained by enterprise-scale vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. The computers, discs, networks, and software that make the cloud possible are physically located in world-class data centers distributed around the globe, and are accessible to authorized users from anywhere through the Internet. Cloud solutions can be self-contained (CLOUD-NATIVE) or work together with local IT systems (CLOUD-HYBRID), and are often used as a foundation for backups and disaster recovery.



The Cloud transforms IT from a capital investment model to a “utility” model. No one (well, almost no one) would think of building a private electrical generation plant; instead, you pull the power you need from the grid, and pay for only what you use. Similarly, the cloud lets you use only the IT resources you actually need, when you need them, and pay for only what you use. You can change your requirements at any time, growing or shedding resources based on what’s happening with your business.

For example: suppose you have a new product launch coming up, and you’re not sure your website will be able to handle the surge in traffic. With the cloud, this is no problem; we can upgrade your server to a more powerful configuration in minutes, run it that way for a few days or even a few hours, and then scale back down when the rush is over. This level of flexibility is unprecedented, and remember — you’ll only pay for what you use.



Bytes of Knowledge plans, manages and responds to your IT needs for flexibility and cost control by creating cloud solutions. Planning begins with an assessment of your current IT infrastructure, your information assets, and your operational requirements. We then design a cost-effective cloud-native or cloud-hybrid solution to meet your needs. We also plan and manage the activities needed to migrate from your current environment to the new cloud solution. Once in place, we monitor utilization and costs to ensure that you continue to have the right-sized solution over time. As with all of our services, we respond as your partner whenever needed.

We charge an initial planning fee and a monthly subscription fee for our services, based on the complexity of your environment. The costs of the cloud services (e.g., from Amazon, etc.) are typically billed directly to you by the provider. We’re happy to provide an initial review of your requirements at no cost and with no obligation.


Each of our service offerings complement and enhance the others. Cloud solutions are often the foundation for Backup and Disaster Recovery, for example. Cloud solutions also offer some of the most sophisticated Network Security available, and are purpose-built for remote management as part of Managed Services.

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