Is the cloud the solution?
The answer is yes…but not always.

While cloud solutions provide an effective, scalable alternative for many businesses, it’s important to work with a partner who understands the implications of moving technology onto the cloud.

As you contemplate adopting cloud-based solutions, the simplest questions to answer are often these:

  • Do you want to own or rent your technology?
  • Is your workforce dispersed or contained in a single office?
  • When is it more cost-beneficial to leverage cloud services with redundancies?
  • Do you have regulatory requirements you need to meet?

There are definitely advantages to moving to a cloud solution. You don’t have to worry about purchasing hardware like mail servers and backup devices anymore, and scalability is usually simpler in the cloud. When existing equipment has depreciated and you are contemplating new investment, it is worth evaluating cloud solutions. The cloud is also a fantastic solution for small businesses and startups that do not have deep pockets or access to capital.

Offloading the responsibility of infrastructure to the cloud is very tempting, and when you consider the costs of in-house maintenance, licensing, and upkeep for traditional technology solutions, the monthly fee of cloud-based services is even more attractive. Before you make the leap, make sure you have considered all the implications of cloud infrastructure—because rebuilding a physical infrastructure is a big capital outlay if you ever wish to return to an in-house environment.


The internet is a real lifeline for many businesses today. But if your internet access goes down and all your services are in the cloud, you’re temporarily out of business. So in our opinion, your cloud solution should always include a second, redundant internet provider. A combination approach with some hardware onsite and some in the cloud provides a nice balance for many businesses, as well.

Let Bytes of Knowledge help you evaluate your current network to see where leveraging the cloud makes sense.