A Compliance Solution is a set of controls and processes that allows your organization to operate in accordance with contractual, statutory, and regulatory requirements regarding the use of computing and internet technologies. Whether commercial in nature, based on industry standards, or established by state or federal law, such requirements touch nearly every aspect of business: Privacy, Marketing, Financial, Security, Healthcare, Asset Management, and more. Essentially, if you use computers and the internet to run your business, to collect, store, or transmit personal identifying information (PII) or protected health information (PHI), or to conduct financial transactions of any kind online, you are subject to at least some of these regulations whether you know it or not.



Failure to comply with applicable regulations and requirements can have very serious consequences. You may be blocked from competing for a specific contract or in an entire market segment. You may be subject to fines and penalties. You may be sued in court and found liable for damages. Adverse publicity can harm your brand, and you may lose the goodwill of your customer base. In the extreme, one or more of these consequences can cause organizational failure. A well-designed Compliance Solution helps you establish and maintain compliance with applicable regulations, and may provide some legal or financial protection in the event of failure.



Bytes of Knowledge plans, manages and responds to your IT needs for legal and regulatory compliance. Planning begins with an assessment of your current IT infrastructure, your information assets, and your operational requirements. Following that assessment, we create and implement a course of action to bring you into compliance with applicable laws and regulations. On that basis, we create and monitor a set  of controls and safeguards to monitor your continuing compliance. Should there be an incident, we respond as your partner to quickly identify and remedy the underlying cause.

We charge an initial planning fee and a monthly subscription fee for our services, based on the complexity of your environment. We’re happy to provide an initial review of your requirements at no cost and with no obligation.


Each of our service offerings complement and enhance the others. Compliance Solutions often require Network Security components, and a Virtual CIO can play a vital role in determining which industry, state, and government regulations are applicable to your business.

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