(b:ok) Managed Services automate a large portion of the everyday updating and patching routine that is vital to keeping networks and systems stable and reliable. By automating these critical functions, we are able to save companies from time consuming and laborious manual system maintenance. With (b:ok) Managed Services monitoring your network 24/7, we are able to act on alerts and warnings proactively, which greatly reduces system downtime and outages.

Because of the time and effort required to properly maintain todays systems, many networks today remain under patched and vulnerable to threats. Utilizing (b:ok) Managed Services is the first step towards maintaining a secure and reliable system.

Technology is the backbone of your organization’s capabilities. As a business owner, IT executive, or manager, you need to know that your team can take care of business—and your customers—every day. The good news is that with proper care devices, servers, and networks are more reliable than ever before. Using (b:ok) Managed Services  means you can look forward to increased uptime, greater reliability, and longer life from your IT network and everything connected to it.


Bytes of Knowledge designs, secures and supports remote, on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid network infrastructure solutions. We help you understand how to balance risk, investment and expense to achieve your reliability, availability, and security objectives.