A Managed Services Provider (MSP) uses the internet to remotely monitor, manage, and support IT systems and end-users (“help desk”). This includes activities such as auditing and tracking software licenses, installing or updating applications, enforcing up-to-date virus protection, and more. Managed Services also allows ongoing monitoring of the health of your hardware and software, which in turn makes it easier to be proactive about maintenance. Managed Services are typically offered on a subscription basis, and may also include provisions for on-site support.



Managed Services shifts IT responsibilities from internal resources to seasoned IT professionals. Generally, this shift gives you access to a significantly higher level of expertise without having to bear the full costs – training, salary, benefits, equipment – of an internal IT staff. Second, Managed Services brings consistency to your environment; you can know that a presentation will look the same on the conference room computer as it does on your desktop, for example. More critically, you can know that everyone has appropriate protections against computer viruses, rather than wondering who’s up-to-date and who’s not. Finally, Managed Services provides the foundation for proactive maintenance that can be planned and scheduled in advance, avoiding unexpected downtime. This all adds up to more productivity for you and your employees,



Bytes of Knowledge plans, manages and responds to your IT needs for productivity and cost-control through Managed Services. Planning begins with an assessment of your current IT infrastructure, your information assets, and your operational requirements. We then tailor a managed services subscription agreement to meet your needs, including options for on-site and help desk support. Once in place, we continually monitor your systems and devices, manage the roll-out of software updates and patches, and respond to your requests for support. Through planned and scheduled proactive maintenance, we work to prevent problems before they occur.

We charge an initial planning fee and a monthly subscription fee for our services, based on the complexity of your environment. We’re happy to provide an initial review of your requirements at no cost and with no obligation.


Each of our service offerings complement and enhance the others. Managed Services provides a foundation for Backup and Disaster Recovery, for example, as proactive maintenance decreases the likelihood of equipment failure. Managed Services also reinforces Network Security and Compliance Solutions.

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