Digital marketing

Digital marketing


Strategy. Analytics. Blogging. User Experience. Social Media. Search Marketing. Advertising. Databases. IT Management. Do these words describe the expertise and skills your agency or team employs to reach prospects and customers with precisely targeted messaging? To keep internal stakeholders informed?

That’s a lot more hats for marketing professionals to wear than ever before, but there is good reason why. We now live in a digital world where the physical boundaries between consumers and producers have dissolved, and expectations change at the speed of now. Digital technologies fundamentally change marketing by making it possible to reach consumers in new ways. The good news – but also, the challenge – is that there are hundreds of new tools available to professionals ready to jump ahead of the competition.

  • Decisions to utilize your products and services is because they have been referred by a friend.
  • They already to believe you are the best source for what they need because they have found digital assets and thumbprints elsewhere.
  • The effort to connect to Millennials one way and Boomers and every generation in-between creates a breadth of options – all of which have different rhythms.
  • Marketing is being deployed and measured with real results at warp speed.
  • You have share data and information with other software applications to provide data and insights to the business as a whole.
  • The expertise needed by the team has become extremely technical and diverse, plus it often changes all the time.

Marketing teams that are relevant and positioned to grow have 3 things in common:

  1. The ability to be proactive, organize, communicate with clients to strategize and execute on plans designed to meet their customer base where they are and meet the needs of the client and internal teams.
  2. The ability to successfully iterate and communicate at a high rate of speed based on timely measurement of the response for the all the media used (“Agile Marketing.”)
  3. The knowledge and motivation to be a hybrid – staying grounded with one foot in the marketing tools for the here and now and the other foot in the near future marketing solutions and software tool set integrations.

Do you have the right resources with the right solutions to create a winning marketing strategy that your team can execute successfully?  Let us know your gaps in resources or knowledge — we are the consultant’s consultant – we transition our knowledge to you to train you up, fill the gaps your team does not have, or help you round out your technical solutions so you can solve your client’s business problems while implementing marketing solutions.

Bytes of Knowledge has been at the intersection of marketing and technology since 1995. If a byte of knowledge could accelerate your success – or to devise a technology plan that helps you meet the demands of the digital world, reach out to us today.