Connectivity is a good idea

Connectivity is a good idea

Marketing Executives: take this quick self-assessment to see if your team is MarTech-savvy.

Marketing Technology (MarTech)


As a marketing executive, manager, or professional, you know how much the world has changed since the emergence of the Internet. It’s becoming more digital every day, and potential buyers have more information, more choices, and higher expectations than ever before. Traditional marketing strategies, skills, and rhythms just aren’t enough to keep up. Today, you need new marketing chops – social media, inbound and influencer marketing, lead scoring, personalized and interactive content, and more – coordinated across every device, channel, and customer touchpoint. Doing it at scale and at speed requires new approaches, new tools, and new levels of organizational coordination.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You have a website, some landing pages, and a way to capture leads, but you’re not able to track, score, and nurture the resulting leads with confidence.
  • You collect “analytics” and track KPIs, but information about the identity, interests, and behaviors of your prospects and customers is fractured across channels, devices, and databases.
  • Your organization’s IT team is genuinely committed to creating business value, but it seems like you speak completely different languages when you discuss marketing automation initiatives.
  • You realize that the dynamics of marketing within a digital world are fundamentally new and different, but aren’t sure your team has the skills and expertise to seize this opportunity for competitive advantage.

Bytes of Knowledge brings marketing and technology together. We show you how cross-channel data can improve your understanding of prospects and customers, how big data and automation can deliver content targeted to specific personas at a specific point in the purchase consideration cycle, and how Agile Marketing management practices make it possible to rapidly iterate and improve your efforts as the market changes around you.