Network Security solutions protect against and respond to threats. These include anything that could harm a computer system or compromise a confidential data set. Security solutions should be layered and include defensive, passive, and active components. Defensive components – such as locks on doors, login credentials, and properly patched operating systems and software – block or slow down attacks. Monitoring and logging of network and system activity are passive measures, designed to capture the “footprints and fingerprints” of would-be attackers. Active components make it possible to detect an attack in progress and raise an alarm. In some cases, active components can even shutdown an attack automatically,



Security threats can come from many sources: viruses, ransomware, or malware; professional hackers or script-kiddies; disgruntled employees or unethical competitors; even criminal enterprises or state-actors. Successful attacks can interfere with or shutdown daily operations, deface your brand, or result in the destruction or unauthorized release of confidential data. Unfortunately, the question is not “if” you’ll be attacked, but “when”. If you’re well-prepared, you may block or deflect the attack, limit the damage, or (at least) collect the information necessary to identify and prosecute the attacker. If you’re not prepared, you may face lost productivity, customer backlash, financial loss, or legal action. The goal of a Network Security solution is to be sure you’re prepared.



Bytes of Knowledge plans, manages and responds to your IT needs for security. Planning begins with an audit of your current IT infrastructure, your information assets, and your operational requirements. We then present a remediation plan that addresses existing weaknesses in your security posture. With that in place, we continually monitor your networks, systems and devices for adverse events and unauthorized activity. When alerts are raised, we respond as your first line of defense to quickly identify and shutdown the attack.

We charge an initial planning fee and a monthly subscription fee for our services, based on the complexity of your environment. We’re happy to provide an initial review of your requirements at no cost and with no obligation.


Each of our service offerings complement and enhance the others. Network Security is even more effective when combined with Managed Services. Network Security is also an integral component of sustainable Compliance Solutions.

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