We believe that non-profits can be managed and run like a for-profit business. It simply means the attention that needs to be paid to planning, budgeting, and staying within financial forecasts, needs to be greater than their for-profit cousins. At Bytes of Knowledge we believe technology is every bit as crucial to those managing an organization that is feeding, clothing, or sheltering those in need as an enterprise corporation providing goods and services to their clients and customers.

Non-profits we have worked with will routinely use technology to:

  • Manage Donations
  • Track Grant Applications, Approvals and Usage
  • Manage Resources, Donors, and Volunteers
  • Managing Properties, and Tracking those they Serve

Careful fiscal management is the cornerstone of every successful non-profit’s ability to sustain its mission. Supporting technology, however, can seem like an investment that can be made on an “as needed” basis. This is often a false economy as a sudden outage, or system failure, can leave an organization unable to perform. In addition to the inconvenience there will ultimately be a bill to put things right, that will often dwarf the cost of performing regularly scheduled maintenance on your IT Infrastructure. Alternatively, having technical expertise “in-house” is an expense that is often beyond all but the largest non-profit organizations. However, outsourcing key IT Support functions like Network Maintenance, Managed Services and desktop support allows for money and resources to be focused on the core mission.

At Bytes of Knowledge we are also passionate about planning and budgeting as it is the safety net against unexpected, but necessary, IT spending. We partner with our clients to craft long term solutions and help to make sure that the technology being invested in is perfectly aligned with the long-term vision for your organization.