Online shopping using laptop

Online shopping using laptop


Reliable. Easy. Unique. Secure. Convenient. Social. How well do these words describe your online store?

In many ways, it’s never been easier to start an online store. Using open source or SaaS ECommerce platforms you can open a new online store with little or no technical expertise. That’s incredibly exciting – to literally go from Idea to Open-for-Business in less than a day. On the other hand, consumer expectations of online shopping are being driven by (among others), and that can be very intimidating. Search engines now strongly favor original and unique content, making it harder for retailers who resell national brands to get noticed. Social media can and will positively or negatively shape consumer opinion and brand loyalty. And then there’s credit card security.

Whether you a store owner, a product marketing specialist, or an operational stakeholder in accounting or distribution, the reality of today’s digital world is that customers – B2B and B2C – expect to shop when they want, where they want, and from any device they want to use. They expect product variety, competitive pricing, quick delivery, and (often) free shipping. They look for deals and listen to the opinions of family, friends, and associates. B2B customers expect flexible purchase options, customized inventory and bulk pricing. All shoppers expect to have easy access to order tracking and shopping history, but also want to be certain that personal, account, and financial information will be completely private and secure.

That’s a lot to think about; if it leaves you feeling a bit overwhelmed you’re not alone.

ECommerce initiatives that are well-positioned for success have six things in common:

  • A best-of-breed ECommerce platform that leverages the economics of Open Source or SaaS development
  • Secure and scalable hosting that fully complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • Ongoing investment to create original, unique, and informative content for products – including text, images, and video
  • A broad and balanced strategy for traffic acquisition that includes SEO, PPC and display advertising, social media, affiliate marketing, and retargeting
  • Access to detailed analytics of shopping behaviors that drive ongoing improvements to the customer experience
  • Effective mechanisms for synchronizing information about products, customers, orders, and revenue with accounting, shipping, and other independent back-office functions

Do you know what shoppers do and don’t like about shopping with you? Does your store need a makeover (or a do-over)? Let us know your priorities – we’re poised with the needed skill sets to answer today’s demands and develop tomorrow’s strategy so we can help you execute.

Bytes of Knowledge has been building online shopping experiences for over a decade. If a byte of knowledge could accelerate your success – or to rock out a new ECommerce experience for your organization – reach out to us today.