We have entered the era of targeted cyber-attacks. The question is not “if” your company has been breached, or even “when.” It has probably already happened. Utilizing the latest in threat management and incident response services, Bytes of Knowledge can proactively identify vulnerabilities for repair and quickly react to detected abnormal behavior and events and recommend solutions for forensic evaluation, and we educate your team on how to help prevent or identify security threats.

With the need to utilize remote workers, provide external access to your team, while keeping those wishing to do you harm out of your network, the battle is constant. In todays dynamic workplace, we have to have answer and be prepared to handle the following:

  • Your data center or office loses connection to the Internet.
  • A laptop or phone with sensitive data gets stolen.
  • Aging hardware fails unexpectedly.
  • A virus or ransomware infects your local network and you lose critical data.

Here are some other considerations that need to be planned for:

  • Is your organization aware of cyberattacks when they have happened (better still, while they are happening)?
  • Are you capable of detecting and responding to future threats?
  • Are you following current “next” practices to prevent hacking and security threats?
  • Do you provide employee education so they are aware of their responsibilities and the appropriate response?
  • Do you regularly test your security strategies?