Agile software development

Agile software development

Software Platform Integrations

Software Platform Integrations

Although some business processes may be truly unique to a specific company, in reality nearly every business performs accounting, manages inventory, collects and maintains HR data, conducts marketing activities, tracks customers and measures sales activities. SaaS vendors capitalize on these commonalities, and create best-of-breed business solutions that would be cost prohibitive to engineer for a single company.

Of course, “common” doesn’t mean identical. Your company will have its own special requirements, workflows, and processes. SaaS platforms accommodate this in two ways: by providing configuration tools that support extensive customization, and by providing application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow custom connections and integrations.

Bytes of Knowledge brings technical expertise, project management, market knowledge, and strategic business thinking together to build SaaS-based solutions that meet specific business requirements. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • ECommerce audits and implementations
  • SaaS vendor and platform evaluations
  • API integration feasibility studies
  • Data migration planning and implementation