How I saved $27,000 a Year Using an Updated Cloud Solution

Oh, yes, I did. And while my business is healthy and growing, it isn’t a massive corporation — we notice the difference in $2,281/month. Now you’re wondering: What was the change? Can I benefit from a similar decision? You very well might. There’s even more to appreciate here. We’re not just saving $2,281 each month. […]

Software as a Service Creates Amazon of Opportunities

Until recently, small business assumed that it could not access the same kinds of technology and opportunities that big corporations could with vastly greater resources. Rapid technology shifts have led many smaller businesses to expect more from technology—if Amazon can do it, why can’t we? As a technologist, I often help companies understand the contrast […]

7 Things Your Mom Advises About Cloud Hosting

Yes, even Moms get the cloud now. Here’s a top seven list of things your Momma might say about the cloud to you … because we all understand that Mom knows best, and if Momma isn’t happy then nobody’s happy. 1. God gave you a brain, use it. Okay, so you do. But if you […]

Get your heads out of the sand: Secure your computer network

Are you running a business? Small or large, we all have two things in common: Technology: It’s more accommodating than ever, and technology empowers us to get business done anytime, anywhere. Even “low-tech” businesses today have some interaction with technology. People. You and your team want access to information — right here, right now. It […]

Computer security: If you have to call the FBI, it’s too late

Newsflash: The local FBI came to our office last week. Don’t worry — we invited them. We wanted to make sure our team is completely up-to-date on cybersecurity, so we can educate our clients to prevent security breaches. It was great to hear it straight from the FBI, but our team wasn’t surprised by what […]

Forecast: Cloudy With Good Chance of Savings

Things to consider when choosing cloud computing services How much of your information is in the cloud? Just a few years ago, this idea was still foggy, but what was a novelty is now a must-have. Many of us operate our digital business lives largely in the cloud today. Most people know “the cloud” refers […]

Credit Card Security Measures Not Optional

If you handle credit card information, do it right or risk going out of business. With more consumers making purchases online, it’s more important than ever for businesses to provide a secure network for online credit card transactions. To ensure that customers’ credit card information is kept in a secure environment, the Payment Card Industry […]

Tech Security in Plain English

Some rules to help keep your business secure The basic principles of English grammar that students learn today are very similar to the ones you and I learned in school. For instance, nouns are the words we use for a person, place, thing or idea. Conversely, the rules of business security are changing daily. Every […]

Coming Soon to an Office Near You: The Software Police

How to manage your software licenses to avoid or mitigate the burden of license audits Admit it. You never read those license agreements when you buy software. You know you should. But they’re what, 70 pages of legalese? Who’s got the time? You know you have to agree to the company’s terms to use the […]