How do I create a Strategic IT Plan?

Unlike “IT order takers”, who are called upon only when the client has identified their own technology need, your (b:ok) Virtual CIO is the person clients use for strategic advice on the latest technologies, how IT can become a  competitive advantage in your marketplace, and to help run their businesses more efficiently. Rather than waiting for problems to arise, we can proactively recommend solutions, services and business changes to our clients. You might imagine that kind of technology expertize and planning is only available to large companies with expansive budgets, however Bytes of Knowledge offers smaller businesses access to (b:ok) Virtual CIO so they can access the strategic advice they need at a cost they can afford.

(b:ok) Virtual CIO services can be provided on an agreed service plan or on an as needed basis, providing your business with the type of Information Systems consulting that is typically reserved and budgeted for by large companies. If technology is a fundamental component of your organizational plan for success, we can provide our services.


Here are some problems that we have helped our clients solve:

  • Develop a Multi-year Strategic Plan
  • Refine Existing Business Processes through Automation
  • Architect, Plan, and Budget Technology Environments
  • IT Vendor Management